Based on the Audience analysis results from AotterTrek Data Analytics Platform, ads on Aseal ad network are not only target the audience you have already known, but also select the potential audience who might be interested in your company. This solution can make you acquire new customers at scale and improve the advertising performance at the same time.

Be A Publisher

Increase Advertising Revenue

Aseal provides native ads and video ads which blend perfectly with your app. By serving the right ad at the right time through our precise audience targeting, you will find a steady increase in your clicks and revenue! What’s more, Aseal always partners with prestigious brands, which means higher advertising budget for our publishers.

Get better understanding of your users

Through AotterTrek data analytics platform, we provide you with users’ behaviour data. In this way, you can improve user experience based on preference of each user!

Flexible Ad Format

You can choose ad format which works best for your app to optimize your revenue without interfering with user experience!

User’s Insight Report

We provide user’s insight report for you to get a better understanding of your users’ profiles and behaviours.