AotterTrek Data Analytics Platform

Analyzing more than 3.5 billion events of users’ behavior data, AotterTrek can vividly depict your target audience's profiles which can be utilized in marketing researches and campaigns to optimize your marketing actions!

Users’ Behavior Analysis and Prediction

AotterTrek helps you get a whole picture of your targeting audience including their online reading behaviors, shopping preferences, related keywords, websites and apps they go to and devices they use. No more wasted time on telephone surveys and questionnaires!

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Cross-screen Analytics & Data Intelligence

Through AotterTrek, you can easily reach users across screens! Not only to know their devices’ environments and when they are on their devices, but also to know their internet using preferences. We analyze a certain group of audience with same characteristic and serve them the right ads based on their interests and devices! Keep your ads optimizing!

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Integrated Advertising Application

You can run your campaign based on AotterTrek’s analytic reports. During your campaign, you can observe and optimize your target audience anytime! This effectively eliminates the inflexibilities in traditional campaigns.

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User’s Insight Report

Through analyzing, we present you basic Persona of your audience, including Gender, Geographical Region, Devices, etc.

Analyzing audience’s preference based on AotterTrek’s categories.

Know your audience’s favorite media type and adjust your content accordingly to maintain and optimize SEO.

This helps you make sure your campaign and content show up on time!

Through analyzing your audience, we may know their consumer preferences.

Copywriting based on keywords which your audiences reach to the most!